Wiggy joined our family when I was around 10 years old (I think). We adopted him from one of my mother's work friends who could no longer keep Wiggy and his sister, Blondie. WiggyInitially, my mom only wanted one cat, but her friend convinced her to take both cats, since the two were used to being together.

In contrast to his sister, Wiggy was strong-boned, outgoing, and affectionate. And he LIKED me (unlike Blondie, who preferred to spend time with my mother). Wiggy spent much of his time in my bedroom, so as I entered my teens, I had Wiggy to keep me company.

Later, after his sister died, Wiggy shared our household with Charlie. Wiggy was easy-going, and adjusted well to Charlie's presence.

Wiggy is no longer with us, and I can't remember how he departed (hit by a car, possibly), but he was a cool cat.