Karen M. Prieto
Business Analyst & Technical Communicator


Perhaps I can help with your next project - I'm a requirements and systems analyst with experience in multiple domains, extensive history in written and visual communication, and an academic background in Information Science.

My domain knowledge covers business facets such as customer service, point of sale, reporting, and messaging applications. I've contributed at technology companies such as Verizon & Lucent, aerospace companies such as Boeing & Northrop-Grumman, plus some companies in the pharmaceutical and banking industries.

I'm accustomed to a fast-paced environment with fluctuating priorities and competing deadlines. As an analyst, I believe in finding win-win solutions for businesses and their customers. As a communicator, I aim to present messages in a form that the audience can use most effectively.

For additional details, please explore this site, and feel free to download my resume.

Make it a great day!

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