Karen M. Prieto
Business Analyst & Technical Communicator

Contact Me

Thank you for your interest.

I expect to be available for assignments in MidCoast Maine as soon as August 2019.

You can reach me at kprieto01@gmail.com - I'll respond promptly.


  • Anantha Srinivasan, Manager-IT Project Management, 908-559-7880
    Anantha has been my immediate supervisor for over a year, with 10+ business analysts reporting to him.
  • Kristy Krafft, Consultant-Financial Operations-Credit / Collections, 910-794-6214 (o) / 330-727-5575 (m)
    Kristy is the product owner for several collections projects to which I have contributed over the past 14 months.
  • Ana Lima, Senior Member Technical Staff-Business Systems Analysis, 908-559-1869
    Ana is the product owner for Indirect Sales projects. She and I have partnered on business needs and priorities for close to six months.
  • Leonard (Len) Mrozak, Senior Member Technical Staff-IT Project Management, 908-306-7831
    Len is a project manager with whom I have worked on Collections projects in 2018-2019, as well as Customer Service projects in prior years.
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