Karen M. Prieto
Business Analyst & Technical Communicator

Selected Coursework

Why a tech writer chose Library & Information Science for post-graduate work... (Drexel admissions essay.)

VIL86 - Advanced Data Architecture & Intelligence

    Villanova Spring 2019

    The last in a series of three courses that cover business intelligence history, architecture, technology, design, development methods, change management, and maintenance, leading to a Certified Professional in Business Intelligence (CPBI) credential.

    High-Level Requirements for BI Dashboard Based on fictitious scenario described in Case Study Contoso Ltd.

Access 2010: The Missing Manual

    MacDonald, M. (2010). O'Reilly.
    Self Study, May 2017

    Access Database Small database created for tutorial purposes with 4 tables, 1 query, 3 forms, 1 navigation, and 1 report.
    Design for Access Database Whiteboard ERD / relational schema and form mockups.

INFO660 - Cataloging and Classification

    Drexel Spring 2012

    Fundamentals of information organization; Interpretation & use of professional standards for creation of bibliographic records; Intensive practice in library cataloging & classification; Governance through detailed standards; Controlled vocabularies.

    Final Project Catalog entries for five books following AACR2 and MARC standards.
    Supplement Cataloged books for final project.

INFO658 - Information Architecture

    Drexel Winter 2012

    Concepts, methods & theories in Information Architecture for virtual, physical, & hybrid worlds; Organization, representation, & navigation of conceptual space; User-Centered Design & UX; Techniques for practicing and advocating IA in an organization.

    Evaluation of Academic Library Websites Analysis of information architecture of websites that provide online library services for faculty, students, and alumni of a United States university.
    Van Houten Library Mobile Website Group project: Analysis and design for a mobile-friendly website.

INFO605 - Intro to Database Management

    Drexel Summer 2011

    Database design, data manipulation, and data-base integrity; Analysis of data management problems; Entity-relationship model & relational database systems; Commercial query languages; Normalization.

    Fantasy Glassworks Database System Business requirements, design (ER model, relational schema, data dictionary), and resulting DDL implementation for a fictitious website.

INFO612 - Knowledge Base Systems

    Drexel Fall 2010

    Concepts, principles, & techniques of knowledge base systems; Ontologies; Expert systems & case-based reasoning; Data analysis: Categorization, Classification, Clustering; Decision trees; Data Mining.

INFO530 - Foundations of Information Systems

    Drexel Winter 2009

    Structure of information systems; Hardware & software concepts; Principles of systems analysis & design, such as data and process modeling; Contemporary application in organizational environments, such as decision systems.

INFO515 - Action Research and Statistics

    Drexel Fall 2008

    Quantitative & qualitative research methods; Sampling strategies; Data collection; Descriptive statistics & surveys; Data manipulation; T-tests; F-tests; Analysis of Variance (ANOVA); Correlation, Regression, & Scatterplots; Data Manipulation; Crosstabs; Hands-on work with SPSS.

PTC632 - Content Management & Information Architecture

PTC606 - Advanced Online Design

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